Leaf Vacuum blower Shredder Dinyi EBV260 Review

Leaf Vacuum blower Shredder Dinyi EBV260 is 2 in 1 series. This machine is highly rated on the quality and utility of the garden, forest fire, blowing air, blowing dust and household items. Dinyi EBV260 has other models such as gardening Dinyi mowers, sprayers Dinyi drugs ... As China's famous brands, providing sufficient spare parts so customers can be assured than in line other Chinese products. Genuine, not counterfeit goods.

Powerful and exceptionally quiet clearing vast areas of low-noise areas such as parks, schools and resorts. Ideal for cleaning up leaves, dry grass and leaves any other
Lightweight for easy maneuverability
Quiet operating noise level
Meet all environmental standards
Easy to start
Loop handles

The specification of  Leaf Vacuum blower Shredder Dinyi EBV260

Model EBV260
Type   2, the 1E34FB engine, air-cooled, single cylinder
0.75 kW engine power at 7,500 rev / min
Capacity (cc) 25.4 cc
34 mm piston diameter
Stroke 28 mm
Diaphragm carburetor
Fuel mixture ratio (fuel / lubricant) 25: 01
0:13 average air flow m3 / h
Net weight of 5.6 kgs
Fuel tank capacity: 0.5 Liter
Boot System Shock
Use forms: Portable

How to grow fresh green onions ah home

How to grow fresh green onions in your house, this method is suitable for housewives  who are always looking to source fresh vegetables for their families.

A hydroponic method of growing vegetables at home has other common name is a vegetable growing "Thach Sanh" because just one purchase, we can regenerate them in simple ways such as cutting roots soaked in water, root of vegetables developed into vegetable some time later and can be used to the food processing normally.

There are many types of vegetables, herbs can be applied to plant as celery, spinach, carrots, green onions .

In a previous post, We introduced to you how regeneration from stem celery leaves very interesting and today, we continue to learn how to nurture lush scallions, with planting methods are the same

How to grow fresh green onions ah home

Scallion is one spice plants appeared most often in the kitchen of the family most of Vietnam. Any dish of stir-fries, soups, steamed dishes, barbecue grills,... we can use green onions. To never have to worry about running out of scallion, housewives try applying the method of scallion planting "Thach Sanh" as follows:

Buy 3-4 branches green onion which remain roots, cut out, retaining only a few young shoots and roots. Then, add a glass of water glass (can take advantage of the old glass is not used to) and placed in a location with more light. Just days later, the executive branch has been removed along the section will begin to grow greener place.

How to grow fresh green onions ah home

How to grow fresh green onions ah home