Leaf Vacuum blower Shredder Dinyi EBV260 Review

Leaf Vacuum blower Shredder Dinyi EBV260 is 2 in 1 series. This machine is highly rated on the quality and utility of the garden, forest fire, blowing air, blowing dust and household items. Dinyi EBV260 has other models such as gardening Dinyi mowers, sprayers Dinyi drugs ... As China's famous brands, providing sufficient spare parts so customers can be assured than in line other Chinese products. Genuine, not counterfeit goods.

Powerful and exceptionally quiet clearing vast areas of low-noise areas such as parks, schools and resorts. Ideal for cleaning up leaves, dry grass and leaves any other
Lightweight for easy maneuverability
Quiet operating noise level
Meet all environmental standards
Easy to start
Loop handles

The specification of  Leaf Vacuum blower Shredder Dinyi EBV260

Model EBV260
Type   2, the 1E34FB engine, air-cooled, single cylinder
0.75 kW engine power at 7,500 rev / min
Capacity (cc) 25.4 cc
34 mm piston diameter
Stroke 28 mm
Diaphragm carburetor
Fuel mixture ratio (fuel / lubricant) 25: 01
0:13 average air flow m3 / h
Net weight of 5.6 kgs
Fuel tank capacity: 0.5 Liter
Boot System Shock
Use forms: Portable

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