EGO Power+ 56V Leaf Blower Review

EGO Power + 56V Leaf Blower is a powerful leaf blower, equipped with a turbo fan that produces up to 480 CFM of wind power. Moreover, the battery can run for 1 hour when fully charged, which is why many people choose EGO Power. With a 56 Volt Lithium-ion battery, turbo 3 speed, EGO Power Cordless Electric Blower is the ideal tool for grass care needs.

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EGO Power is powered by a stainless-steel fan motor, which means that you will not bother neighbors early in the morning, in fact, you will be amazed at how silent it is when operating.


Excellent power / weight ratio
Warranty period is up to 5 years
Battery can be exchanged in EGO 56V system
Volume of air up to 480 cfm


Battery running low in TUROB mode

Features EGO Power + 56V Leaf Blower

When discussing the leaf blower, it is impossible to mention the competition between the gas leaf blower and electric leaf blower. In recent years, the gas blower has an advantage over the electric leaf blower because it is robust, without the need for a wire.

However, a gas leaf blower is not environmentally friendly, its emissions and noise levels are high. However, the new leaf blower like Ego + Power 56V is changing this trend. It comes with more powerful engines but quiet operation and no gas so it's more environmentally friendly! It has a compact design, with battery life up to 1 hour for most significant tasks.

Ego + Power 56V has a "Turbo" mode. If you use this setting it will make it more effective in blowing the leaves, but it will make the battery life lower. So choose a speed that suits your work so that the battery does not dry out quickly. It consists of three settings: a low speed of 250cfm, an average of 385 cfm and a turbo boost of 480 cfm.

Another advantage of Ego + Power 56V is that it has a low vibration rate. If it is a gas blower, it will have more vibration. Ego + Power 56V rarely affect your hands when operating the machine.

It weighs 11 pounds including a 2.0 Ah battery (it weighs 5.11 lbs without batteries), so it will still become heavy at some point, but this is a compromise to get the long battery life.

What did EGO Power + Buyers say before?

EGO Power + leaf blower is widely appreciated by many. Most people are impressed by the powerful performance. Some people praise it lightweight. Some disappointing reviews of short operating times in turbo mode. However, setting averagely at 385 cmf mode is also powerful enough and provides a significant run-time.

Warranty and Support

EGO Power + leaf blower is warranted for 5 years, and the battery is warranted for 3 years. It is used for many different purposes, for most everyday tasks it's durability will not be a problem. With lightweight and modern design and turbo technology for efficient use.


Ego + Power 56V Leaf Blower made a deep impression on us. It's lightweight, high performance, long battery life. Except for big jobs, this is the ideal option to keep your home clean.

With a vibration-reducing design, star performance, nice design, easy to use and competitive price, you should feel comfortable choosing Ego + Power 56V Leaf Blower as your home cleaning tool.


Toro 51619 Review - Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Blower

Toro 51619 Leaf Blower is equipped with three features: blower, vacuum, mulcher. This is a compact tool, but it's powerful, it helps you clean the yard, the driveway with the time saved. However, since this is an electric leaf blower, you will be limited by the length of the wire to the power source.

Toro 51619 Leaf Blower comes with a metal fan blade, which helps to crush debris and debris into small pieces, you can also mill leaves into fertilizer for the garden. It has a top speed of 235 mph, which is the fastest in this segment. Thanks to its maximum speed it is capable of breaking debris far more than most other leaf blowers available on the market. It has the option to change the speed to suit different tasks.

The machine also comes with air hoses suitable for various tasks. It is designed to connect to extension cords so you can extend the movement limit, give you the ability to move around the house, or over wide areas. Toro 51619 Leaf Blower weighs only 7 pounds, so you can carry it with you when you're on the go.

Toro 51619 can generate 96 dB, which is the average level for leaf blowers. Its blowing distance is 16.8 feet, which is about the same distance as other powerful leaf blowers on the market. You can blow in large areas without fear of being limited by its power. The Toro 51619 does not have vibration or hand pads, which can be fatigued when used for long periods of time.

Toro 51619 Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Blower acts as a leaf blower, vacuum cleaner, and destroyer. It saves you the time and energy spent cleaning the yard with its flexible design.


Choosing the best leaf vacuum mulcher blower


A leaf blower is a cleaning tool that has many useful features. Its operation is based on centrifugal force. Thanks to its blades, the air out at a great speed and pushes all kinds of leaves and debris. Leaf blower capacity is measured in CFM. Large leaf blowers can blow more leaves and debris.

In this guides we will look at the important features that you need to consider in order to make the decision to buy the most appropriate leaf blower.

When you choose to buy leaf blowers you need to consider the following factors

To choose the right leaf blower, you must understand what kind of debris must be cleaned, the size of the garden or yard to be cleared, as well as the surrounding circumstances. The larger the area to be cleaned up and the more debris you need, the stronger the fan.

To find the right leaf blower, you need to find out the type of leaves and debris that needs to be cleaned, the size of the garden or the size of the yard as well as the neighbors around the area where you live. If the garden is thick with debris and leaves, you need to choose a stronger leaf blower. If the area has few leaves, you only need to choose a leaf blower with medium capacity.

Type of Leaf blowers

Leaf blowers on the market come in a variety of sizes and capacities. When you choose to buy leaf blowers you need to consider the specific features that it brings. There are some types of leaf blowers that only have blown function, but some leaf blowers have extra vacuum and mulcher.


Small leaf blowers typically have a capacity of 200 CFM or less. It can be an electric leaf blower or gasoline leaf blender. This machine is suitable for small areas, with less shreds and leaves.

Leaf blowers from 200 CFM to 400 CFM are suitable for small areas about 1/4 yards. It can be cleaned gently, it is available in electric and gasoline powered types.

Leaf Blowers from 400 CFM to 500 CFM are suitable for large areas. They have very strong power and they can work well in the long time.

Leaf blowers 500 CFM or more are professional leaf blowers. It is quite heavy and usually has a backpack design. These leaf blowers are commonly used in industry, which are suitable for large areas, sidewalks and large lawns. It also produces high noise and high emissions.

Electricity or gasoline?

Blown machines can be powered by electricity or gasoline. An electric leaf blower is usually used in the home, it has a cord that plugs into a power source or has a lithium battery included. Electric leaf blowers are less efficient than gasoline leaf blades. Gasoline leaf blown machines are suitable for a variety of areas. But it also emits high noises and emissions that pollute the environment.

Handheld or backpack ?

Handheld leaf blowers are designed for personal use. They are small and light, easy to operate. The backpack leaf blowers are suitable for areas far from the house, it is quite heavy and has a shoulder strap.

Optional features

Today's leaf blowers have many different features, including vacuum and mulcher. These are two useful features for the user in case you want to crush small leaves into fertilizer for the garden.


Choose the best leaf blower 2017

Choose the best leaf blower 2017

The leaf blower is a cleaning device that saves your time. It can replace a rake with great efficiency. On the market there are many brands of leaf blowers. With a budget of about $ 35 you can own a leaf blower. But these cheap leaf blowers often have inadequate power. Electric and gas leaf blower are available on the market. Battery-power models are often heavy and do not run too long between each charge. Here are just a few of the criteria you should consider before choosing a the best leaf blower.

Type of engine and capacity

Electric leaf blowers and gas blowers usually have different capacities. Before taking a leaf blower, you need to consider the type of engine and the capacity of each type of leaf blower. Typically, large-capacity leaf blowers produce better performance, but noise is also greater.


Some leaf blowers come with a vacuum mulcher feature. These types of features often come with mulching function. You need to determine the need to avoid wasting unnecessary features.

Easy to use

Leaf blowers should be easy to use and easy to maintain. For gas leaf blowers, they often require more maintenance. The weight of the machine is not too great to injure your arm during use. If you choose a backpack blower, the shoulder strap should be soft so as not to hurt the shoulder for a long time using the machine.


Cheap leaf blowers are often inefficient, suitable for small gardens and small yards. You can choose this type if your cleaning area is not too large. Leaf blowers that cost about $ 100 are usually large enough to meet the needs of large, not too large gardens. You can choose electric and gas powered leaf blowers. There are these leaf blowers available on the market. The backpack rot is usually the highest price. It also gives higher cleaning efficiency and in larger areas. This is also the type of leaf blower that produces the most noise. It is not suitable for use in the city, where noise laws need to be strictly enforced. There are also walk-behind leaf blowers. It has wheels and moves easily. This is the type with the largest capacity, it is suitable for forests, hills, super-wide area. Its price is not cheap either.


Top Rated Toro electric leaf blower on the market

Electric blowers are best for small areas that require cleaning. Especially when you are in a limited city using leaf blowers. In our review. The Toro leaf blower is outstanding, equipped with the power to blast and vacuum and minimize noise. Below is the list of Toro best electric leaf blowers that are being rated in the market:

Toro 51609

Toro 51609 - electric leaf blower

Toro 51609 has speeds of up to 235 Mph. This is a 3 in 1 Blower product, vacuum cleaner and leaf blower. Machine size is small and weight is very light.

The Toro 51609 is beautifully designed, equipped with vacuum and leaf milling technology that makes cleaning the yard easy. It has an air velocity of up to 235 mph, and airflow up to 390 cfm, which is quieter and cleaner than other leaf blowers.

The machine has three components: a powerful blower, high speed leaf vacuum mulcher machine, and leaf cutter. Machines have different modes depending on your needs. Ultra light weight makes it easy to move with the machine.

Toro 51619

Toro 51619 - electric leaf blower

The Toro 51619 is the No. 1 leaf blower that provides the power and flexibility to help you deal with garden cleaning tasks. Toro 51619 comes with a metal propeller and high speed air control. The product can be used in any space. Machines operating with airflow up to 250 mph will help you to clean up debris, sticks and leaves, wet leaves.

It has a conversion mode into a leaf vacuum by simple operation. The new vacuum bag ensures durability and ease of use. The machine can absorb smaller debris into the bag. The machine comes with a wrench to ensure that the wiring is fixed when in use. This product is fully backed up within 2 years.

Toro 51617

Toro 51617 - electric leaf blower

Toro 51617 is a 3 in 1 machine; Strong leaf blowers, high speed vacuum machines and leaf blowers. The Toro 51617 is a modern, lightweight, easy-to-use, and easy-to-use design. Gas speed up to 215 mph when in blow mode. The machine has two speeds so you can control the air speed when you are working in different areas.

What I like:
-It's very small. Toro 51617 takes up less space in my home. It's light and easy to hold when working longer with this machine. 
-Powerful. This product can blow wet leaves in my big yard, and cleans any corner in my garage in two minutes. It's equivalent gas powered blowers. 
-It's easy to use, it takes 3 seconds to to assemble
- The price is cheaper than a rake

Best Electric Leaf Blower


The most beautiful garden oin the world

Toro Ultra 12 amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum

Toro Ultra 12 amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum

Match the Power to the Task for Better Results

Just what the Doctor ordered, prescription strength power at a great price. 12 amps of power means the Toro can achieve wind speeds of over 235 mph. But don’t worry you’re still in control for tight spaces with it’s variable speed dial. You’re wife will be happy you didn’t blow her flowers out of the garden onto the neighbors roof.

3 in 1 Leaf Blower, Vacuum & Leaf Mulcher

This blower is one of the more versatile units on the market. Powerful and effective, the Toro Ultra 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and leaf vacuum shredder 51609 makes completing yard work more fun than it usually is.

The Metal Impeller Is Key

That may seem in consequential but it’s important, because this Toro Leaf blower is also a vacuum mulcher. The metal impeller is what chops up the leaves into fine debris one sixth it’s normal volume. Tired of filling up your yard wast bin before the job is done? This is the answer. You can fit six times the leafs in the same bin once that are mulched into fine pieces.

Works with Wet Leaves

I’ve tested this unit with wet leaves and I am please to report it does still work all be it a bit slower, as the leaves are heavier. The bag became so heavy with the wet leaves that I had to dump it sooner but that was about it.