Choosing the best leaf vacuum mulcher blower


A leaf blower is a cleaning tool that has many useful features. Its operation is based on centrifugal force. Thanks to its blades, the air out at a great speed and pushes all kinds of leaves and debris. Leaf blower capacity is measured in CFM. Large leaf blowers can blow more leaves and debris.

In this guides we will look at the important features that you need to consider in order to make the decision to buy the most appropriate leaf blower.

When you choose to buy leaf blowers you need to consider the following factors

To choose the right leaf blower, you must understand what kind of debris must be cleaned, the size of the garden or yard to be cleared, as well as the surrounding circumstances. The larger the area to be cleaned up and the more debris you need, the stronger the fan.

To find the right leaf blower, you need to find out the type of leaves and debris that needs to be cleaned, the size of the garden or the size of the yard as well as the neighbors around the area where you live. If the garden is thick with debris and leaves, you need to choose a stronger leaf blower. If the area has few leaves, you only need to choose a leaf blower with medium capacity.

Type of Leaf blowers

Leaf blowers on the market come in a variety of sizes and capacities. When you choose to buy leaf blowers you need to consider the specific features that it brings. There are some types of leaf blowers that only have blown function, but some leaf blowers have extra vacuum and mulcher.


Small leaf blowers typically have a capacity of 200 CFM or less. It can be an electric leaf blower or gasoline leaf blender. This machine is suitable for small areas, with less shreds and leaves.

Leaf blowers from 200 CFM to 400 CFM are suitable for small areas about 1/4 yards. It can be cleaned gently, it is available in electric and gasoline powered types.

Leaf Blowers from 400 CFM to 500 CFM are suitable for large areas. They have very strong power and they can work well in the long time.

Leaf blowers 500 CFM or more are professional leaf blowers. It is quite heavy and usually has a backpack design. These leaf blowers are commonly used in industry, which are suitable for large areas, sidewalks and large lawns. It also produces high noise and high emissions.

Electricity or gasoline?

Blown machines can be powered by electricity or gasoline. An electric leaf blower is usually used in the home, it has a cord that plugs into a power source or has a lithium battery included. Electric leaf blowers are less efficient than gasoline leaf blades. Gasoline leaf blown machines are suitable for a variety of areas. But it also emits high noises and emissions that pollute the environment.

Handheld or backpack ?

Handheld leaf blowers are designed for personal use. They are small and light, easy to operate. The backpack leaf blowers are suitable for areas far from the house, it is quite heavy and has a shoulder strap.

Optional features

Today's leaf blowers have many different features, including vacuum and mulcher. These are two useful features for the user in case you want to crush small leaves into fertilizer for the garden.

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