Choose the best leaf blower 2017

Choose the best leaf blower 2017

The leaf blower is a cleaning device that saves your time. It can replace a rake with great efficiency. On the market there are many brands of leaf blowers. With a budget of about $ 35 you can own a leaf blower. But these cheap leaf blowers often have inadequate power. Electric and gas leaf blower are available on the market. Battery-power models are often heavy and do not run too long between each charge. Here are just a few of the criteria you should consider before choosing a the best leaf blower.

Type of engine and capacity

Electric leaf blowers and gas blowers usually have different capacities. Before taking a leaf blower, you need to consider the type of engine and the capacity of each type of leaf blower. Typically, large-capacity leaf blowers produce better performance, but noise is also greater.


Some leaf blowers come with a vacuum mulcher feature. These types of features often come with mulching function. You need to determine the need to avoid wasting unnecessary features.

Easy to use

Leaf blowers should be easy to use and easy to maintain. For gas leaf blowers, they often require more maintenance. The weight of the machine is not too great to injure your arm during use. If you choose a backpack blower, the shoulder strap should be soft so as not to hurt the shoulder for a long time using the machine.


Cheap leaf blowers are often inefficient, suitable for small gardens and small yards. You can choose this type if your cleaning area is not too large. Leaf blowers that cost about $ 100 are usually large enough to meet the needs of large, not too large gardens. You can choose electric and gas powered leaf blowers. There are these leaf blowers available on the market. The backpack rot is usually the highest price. It also gives higher cleaning efficiency and in larger areas. This is also the type of leaf blower that produces the most noise. It is not suitable for use in the city, where noise laws need to be strictly enforced. There are also walk-behind leaf blowers. It has wheels and moves easily. This is the type with the largest capacity, it is suitable for forests, hills, super-wide area. Its price is not cheap either.

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