What to Do If an Over the Counter Acne Remedy Product Doesn't Work for You

Anyone who has spent time, effort and money attempting to find an acne product to clear up their skin knows that finding the right product is not an easy process. This is partly due to the number of products available and the confusing and conflicting messages sent out in advertising. Attempting to use each and every product to decide which will be best for you is no easy task.

Other problems can appear after you have begun using an acne skin product and disappoint you. I once chose a product that was wonderful in clearing up my acne but I found that I was allergic to the lotion and it caused a massive rash over my face. There isn't much point in using a product to get rid of a little pimple when it causes lots of little bumps and dark red swelling all over. Do not give up. There are additional options for you to try.

If you have tried all the over the counter treatments and none of them work for you the first step is to see your doctor. Your physician can suggest some products that may not be easily obtained or point out a different use of the products you have already tried. Your physician can also refer you to a good dermatologist that may specialize in acne and other such ailments. Remember, your acne may be due to a more serious condition like rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis, only your doctor can tell which it is and tell you how to treat it.

Your doctor may also talk to you about laser acne treatment. This procedure is used to get rid of acne and has proven itself to be effective in the most cases. This procedure reshapes the surface of your skin by means of several small lasers. The final effect is to reduce the swells and valleys that skin naturally has to reduce the ability of dirt and oil to pool into any one area causing a pimple to grow. Laser treatment has the added bonus of revealing the newer skin underneath which will give you a healthy glow. If you can maintain this skin with moisturizer and washing daily the acne will stay away permanently.

Surgery is another option you can consider. Much like using a laser, a physician uses chemical injections, peels, and major dermabrasion to remove the peaks and valleys found naturally on the skin's surface and to remove any existing scars where acne is most likely to recur. Whatever you decide it will be the right treatment for you. Look forward to healthier and more beautiful skin!

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