Three Reasons Why College Students Gain Weight

I believe the "freshman 15," as in 15 pounds, was the phrase we used in college to acknowledge the fact that college students gain weight. While most students probably do not weigh themselves regularly, the combination of an unhealthy diet with too many calories and other unhealthy behaviors frequently lead to unexpected weight gain in school. Here are three reasons why college students gain weight

Reason one: poor diet. The standard unhealthy diet for cold student includes fast food, frozen food, and various other foods with too many calories. Cause students gain weight partially, therefore, because of the things in the. Students who weigh themselves regularly can identify unexpected weight gain early and take steps to combat it, but I suspect that most students are not paying a lot of attention to their weight.

Recent two: lack of exercise. Many college students exercise regularly and take physical education courses. Other college students gain weight partly due to a lack of exercise. While an unhealthy diet and too many calories explains part of these students' unexpected weight gain, exercises also an important piece of the puzzle. Students can take small steps to increase their level of activity, such as walking to campus instead of driving. If students weigh themselves before and after several weeks of such activity, I suspect they will notice a difference.

Reason three: just don't care. Unexpected weight gain is not always disappointing. Some college students gain weight but simply do not care. They realize they're eating too many calories and otherwise having been healthy diet, but they do not care enough to weigh themselves let alone exercised the right. This is unfortunate because the habits people set in college while often stick with them for years or even decades. Students who adopt a healthy lifestyle in college are, in my experience, more likely to remain healthy into their adult years. It is also unfortunate that excessive weight gain by some students damages their social life at this stage; one's social life in adulthood is also affected significantly by the manner in which one socializes in college.

College students gain weight from a combination of unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, and poor attitude. Students who experience unexpected weight gain can weigh themselves regularly, exercise, and make sure they do not eat too many calories. These steps will improve the health of most students.

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