Echo Incorporated is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of leaf blowers as well as other industrial-grade outdoor power equipment.  The company was established in 1978 at Northbrook, Illinois and its products are known for their innovation and durability.

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Echo leaf blowers are characterized by their orange color which is the official trademark of the firm.  All products have revolutionary features such as the ProFire ignition system that guarantees quick starting of engines and the cruise control function that allows automatic setting of engine speed.  Thus, people can operate Echo leaf blowers without constantly adjusting the throttles.  All machines have see-through fuel tanks that allow their users to determine the amount of gasoline left in these devices.  In addition, all Echo leaf blowers pass noise reduction limits by US government standards, are powered by Power Boost Vortex engines, and are backed up with a five-year consumer warranty.  Remember the three factors that determine the power of Echo leaf blowers.  These are the engine displacement in cubic centimeters (cc for brevity), the maximum air velocity in miles per hour (mph), and the maximum or average air volume in cubic feet per minute (CFM).  Larger numbers mean greater power.

Handheld Echo Leaf Blowers

If your home yard is messed up by fallen leaves, fret no more because handheld Echo leaf blowers will help you do the job.  These power tools are highly recommended for homeowners, landscapers, sanitary utility personnel, and gardeners.

The Echo PB-251 and the PB-255 models are handheld gasoline-powered blowers.  Both are run by 25.4 cc engines that produce an average air velocity of 160 mph and have an average air volume of 509 CFM.  These are already impressive capacity ratings for handheld blowers.  Both Echo leaf blower models carry a maximum fuel capacity of 16.9 fl. oz of gasoline and are protected by five-year and one-year consumer and commercial warranty respectively.  The only difference is that the PB-251 has a standard engine starting system while the PB-255 is equipped with i-30 automatic starter.

Backpack Echo Leaf Blowers

These backpack models of Echo leaf blowers are designed for homes with large-area yards, outdoor sporting facilities, parks, gardens, and orchards.  They are more powerful and can be used more autonomously in wide areas than their handheld counterparts.  These Echo leaf blowers are comfortable to operate because they minimize hand fatigue.  Their backpack design and straps allow the said machines to fit snugly on your back.  These make them well-balanced and secured compared to handheld blowers.  Another advantage offered by this Echo leaf blower product line is that you can choose different models depending on your needs. Engine capacities range from 25.4 cc up to the mighty 63.3 cc Power Boost which is Echo’s most powerful blower engine.

The PB-265L is the smallest among the backpack Echo leaf blowers.  It is powered by a 25.4 cc gasoline engine that produces a maximum air velocity of 135 mph and has an average air volume of 458 CFM.  It is one of the quietest blowers of the product range, emitting noise levels at only 65 decibels.

The PB-410, a backpack Echo leaf blowers that has a 39.7 cc engine that produces a maximum air velocity of 175 mph and has an average air volume of 630 CFM.  It has a see-through tank with a fuel capacity of 47.3 fl. oz.  This is designed for jobs that are even more demanding.

The PB-500H is a 50.8 cc backpack blower with a hip-mounted throttle.  Its engine revs up a maximum air velocity of 162 mph and has an average air volume of 450 CFM.  It has a unique variable speed, hip-mounted throttle with cruise control.  These Echo leaf blowers enable you to perform various tasks that require low, intermediate, or high-pressure air flow.  Working is very easy when using this machine.

The PB-500H, PB-500T, and PB-620H Echo leaf blower models are run by 58.2 cc engines.  The latter is among the newest blowers introduced in the market at present.  All have a maximum air velocity of 162 mph and 185 mph respectively.  The average air volume of the PB-500H and PB-500T Echo leaf blowers is 450 CFM while the PB-620H is 530 CFM.

The PB-755 ST is the most powerful and most sophisticated in the 63.3 cc Echo leaf blower line.  It has a maximum air velocity of 205 mph and has a maximum air volume of 1,240 CFM.  It is fully versatile and can be used on cold weather conditions.  Another advantage is its tube or hip-mounted throttle feature with cruise control.  The joystick throttle of this backpack Echo leaf blower model is adjustable depending on the operator’s height.

Before buying any Echo leaf blowers, inquire your local government office if there are any restrictions regarding the use of blowers.  Second, determine the capacity of work that requires using Echo leaf blowers.  Your friendly authorized distributor of Echo leaf blowers will guide you in making the right choice.

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